Eric CIMINO : "Let’s have an unforgettable year !"

Can you introduce yourself to the fans ?

My name is Eric Cimino. I was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. This is my second year playing hockey in Europe.

What style of player are you on the ice and in the locker room ?

I believe I am a simple two-way defenceman who can create offence but also be reliable on defence. I am a good skater that likes to pass the puck. In the locker room, I am a quieter guy but I love to joke around with my teammates.

You played Usports before joining Denmark, can you explain the difference in level ?

I played three years in Canadian USports followed by one year in Denmark. In USports, it was a very good league with many good teams and a lot of players have gone on to play professionally around the globe. It was a very fast and physical league as we played on a smaller ice pad. The Danish league also had some good players. The league was more skilled oriented with more puck possession on the European sized rink. They were different styles of play which took some adjusting.

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Why did you choose to try an adventure in Europe ?

When the opportunity presented itself last year to play in Europe I was very excited. It was my first time in Europe and I enjoyed Denmark so much. I had so many great experiences playing hockey and travelling to new places that I wanted to do it again. I am excited for this new adventure in France.

Why did you choose to come to Dunkirk ?

I chose to come to Dunkerque for the nice beaches and the good hockey team. I have heard great things about the city of Dunkerque and even better ones about the Corsaires organization. I came because I think the team can do well this season.

What do you know about the Championship of France and especially about Division 1 ?

I did not know much before coming to Dunkerque, only what I have heard from friends who played in France. I was told a very competitive league with many good players. I am excited to learn more and start playing !

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How is your integration and the first contacts with the city ?

My initial impressions of the city have been great. All the people I’ve meet so far have been very nice. The city is filled with history and it is great being so close to the beach. The new rink is awesome, so I hope we fill it with the awesome Dunkerque fans. My teammates and coaches have also been great.

Do you have personal and collective goals this season ?

I just want to help Dunkerque win ! I want the team to bring a championship to Dunkerque.

Any last words for the fans ?

I look forward to seeing you all at the new rink ! Let’s have an unforgettable year !